Narrative Card: Memory of the Fire


Narrative Card: Memory of the Fire


The memory of the fire extends out for decades. References to the fire can be found in tourism guidebooks, advertising pamphlets, and ephemera relating to anniversaries of the fire. Some examples include materials published the same year the fire occurred like “Acres of Ashes” published in 1901. Other items were created years after the fire like, a local business guide called, “Southward the Light of Progress Shines” published in 1905, Grant’s Tourist Guide published in 1919, and a commemorative pamphlet called “A date with Destiny” published in 1968, along with many anniversary articles published by the Florida Times-Union and other local publishers.

Although the Great Fire of 1901 is not as well-known as disasters like the Great Chicago fire of 1871 or the San Francisco Earthquake and fire of 1906, it left an indelible mark on the social, political, and economic history of Jacksonville, for the good and for bad.


Thomas G. Carpenter Library Special Collections


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